What do you believe?


I was seeing the movie Titanic. The first time when Jack sees rose, Tommy says “Forget it boyo. You’d as like have angles fly out of your arse as get next to the likes of her”. He didn’t answer, he just kept staring at her.

He was poor, downtown. She was rich, classy. What are the odds?

but ever wonder that we sometime have the same feeling? We see movie stars, famous boys, sports man, people who are so rich that a million is like a thousand for them

and we see them as if there is so much space that separates us from them. We try to like their pages on facebook, send messages to them, tweet them, and all we think while doing this is that it will never happen, you ask yourself the same question, “What are the odds?”.

People like Justin bieber so much, thousands and thousands of girls but all of them never think can they actually be near of someone like him?

We think it’s an impossible thing, just like he said in the movie. But jack didn’t listen to him, he didn’t believe it such things.

Does everything happens of what we believe in or what we let our self believe.

I think we are all angels, the only thing we need it to believe in whatever we want. It’s like we write our own history and if you think about it even, God doesn’t have time to write life of millions and millions of people.

What do you believe it?


The real you

The real you

Women today can be called hot, sexy, classy, smart, fabulous, pretty, cute etc. But does it really says anything about the women who is been referred here?
We have got a definition in our mind for all these words, everyone have their visuals and they know which type they would call sexy and which one they will call cute.
But what really count is a word which cannot be defined by anyone, it’s definition changes with each person and a striking beauty is needed to notice it, and that is beautifulness.
We are all beautiful in our own way and when a person can see that beauty that’s when a person sees you, the real you! Be beautiful

Social networking

Social networking

Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and all other famous and so popular social networking websites. The first thing you will see when you open your account on it is, “what’s on your mind”, “What are you doing?”, “What’s up”
but do people really write what’s on their mind?
Do people write what they wanna write or they just pick a quote and express their feelings?
It’s more like a puzzle book and not a simple one i am sure. But the question remains, why are we so bent on making a perfect wall on Facebook, or an amazing account on twitter?
is it the social pressure or is it us?


Life can be pretty tough sometimes but then there comes a moment in your life when you really feel like it’s perfect, but a little voice in your mind says that you are scared, and your heartbeat gets faster. People says it’s normal to be afraid when everything is going good.

But is it? 

We are scared because we feel insecurity, doubt, confused? Or what is it?

Versions of life

Today we have different products and items and so many things. There are the big popular movies, the stars. and then there are versions.
Like versions of a car engine, software, biscuits, movies, even sometimes relationship.
Do we really categorize everything in our life on the basis of the version? Is the old version not appropriate just because a new update has just came out?
People date, then something doesn’t work out and after some time they date again and note the differences and everything, is it really the picture outside?

Parents talk

Parents talk

She just walked into the room, coming home after a month. Her mother greeted her and asked for lunch and then their talk session began. There were many questions, questions which made her wonder and ask herself, “How can her mother read her so correctly”
It’s like parents can ask the exact question at the exact time. They can hear the concern, tension, happiness, everything from your voice and face. Most people will say it’s the same with everybody, everyone can see a person and tell whether he/she is worried or not. But is it true?
Sometimes our problems main problem is to find the question of the problem to search for an answer and that question-searching takes up most of the time, because we already know that if we know the question, the answer is simple.
are we that visible to our parents?